The only thing the Annex gets more pumped about than bringing talent together is cultivating new talent.

On July 7, 2016 we hosted an immersive, day-long photo workshop with Leica Cameras (@leicaakademieusa) and Esthetic Label (@estheticlabel) to help spark the next generation of photographers in our own neighborhood.

We invited young photographers from across the city to hear two of Esthetic Label’s founders (and some of the most highly acclaimed Instagrammers) Jason Peterson (@jasonmpeterson) and 13thwitness (@13thwitness) speak about their process.

After arming the crew with Leica cameras, we took to the streets with a guided photo walk where they got to try out some pro hardware with staged photo ops all around our West Town neighborhood.

We’re talking fireworks, skateboarders, smoke bombs. You know, just all-around rad shit.

Afterwards, we hosted a hands-on photo-editing tutorial to perfect their latest photos and awarded the best photographer of the day with a brand new Leica D-Lux.

One rad photo netted one of our visitors a free Leica camera.