The End Of An Era

After nearly ten years, Brandon Breaux feels it’s time for Ends/Wealth Corp. to say peace out. So, to mark the finish of his street-wear fashion brand, he decided to go back to where it all began with “The Last Collection.”

Cultural Aftershocks

Just before he founded Ends/Wealth Corp, Brandon traveled to Japan to study the effect the Atomic Bomb had on Japanese culture. It was an experience that not only informed many of the design aesthetics of the Ends/Wealth brand, but also Brandon’s own views regarding the world around him.

Honoring Survivors

“The Last Collection” was Brandon’s way of preserving and sharing the stories and perspectives of the survivors he met on his journey. It was designed in collaboration with Dougan Khim, Donnie Trumpet, and the Social Experiment and features some of the Ends/Wealth’s first cut and sew pieces.

More Than Clothes, More Like Closure

Annex was psyched to help Brandon and Ends/Wealth showcase “The Last Collection.” And with a strong turnout at the premiere, we helped Brandon and Ends/Wealth finish their journey with a bang.