When we heard that Joselin, an honor roll high school student at nearby Wells Community High, was battling leukemia, we teamed up with her school and our community to bring some fun to raising funds for her treatment.

Color Festival

On April 1st, 2017, Annex villagers, teachers, students, neighbors, friends and family participated in a cheerful color festival inspired by Holi, the Indian festival of color.

Supporters bought organic packets of colored powder, fresh flowers, and raffle tickets to win prizes including cookies from Alliance Bakery.

Pie It Forward

Our entire village banded together for the cause–including our interns. As part of their summer program, our 2017 interns created a campaign called “Pie It Forward” that gave employees the chance to throw pies at our bosses’ faces for a good cause.

Together, we paid it forward by raising over $1000 for Joselin’s treatment.

School Assembly FT. Funk's Barber Shop

There are more ways to donate than just time and money. Our friends at Funk’s Barber Shop donated their expertise to help the community make a statement and stand in support of Joselin’s fight. during her

At a Wells High School assembly on April 3rd, 2017, Teachers and Havas villagers shaved their heads while others dyed their hair purple to stand in solidarity with Joselin.

Our very own Cathy Turley promised to shave her head if Annexers helped her raise $500. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our village, Cathy raised a total of $1160 and found out she can really pull off a buzz cut.