Benjamin Gott (b.1981)

A product of the South Chicago-land area, Benjamin Gott started his career in the creative/business world at the age of 18, during the first dot-com boom. His interests have inspired his work – leading him to create a variety of business across industries from industries from beverage, enterprise technology, venture capital, fashion, and home goods.

“I believe all things go from an idea, to project, to an attempt at a business, to – if you’re lucky – a functioning and sustainable business.”

Gott is an avant-garde entrepreneur who has crafted a career by way of a myriad of experimental projects that live online and in the real world. His persona marries well with the common thread of his work: understated elegance and irreverence.

Lead by a desire to work with irreverent materials Gott founded Benjamin Edgar, or whatever, An Object Company.

“I found materials that I thought were interesting, dreamed up products they could be rendered into that might be yin to their yang and went about learning those materials/finding experts for the specific material to help be craft these “objects” I’d dreamt up.”

Although the materials are unconventional, their product paring was very much intentional.

“With Benjamin Edgar stuff – honestly sometimes it’s just for the experience the object creates for the person who sees it, touches it, owns it. It’s all very tactile with a bit of theatre.

Other times it’s about pure contrast – the marble hanger being the most obvious example of that. Certainly a bit of humor in there as well. I joke that if I had a store selling $20 white t-shirts hanging on $180 hangers and a customer accidentally dropped and smashed the hanger while the staff simply replaced it with no concern…you’d certainly never forget that brand experience as a customer. I love that idea.

With Boxed Water there is less theatre – its entirely about practicality. We picked a paper carton because over 70% of it is made from a renewable material – paper. It can be regrown and even just the process of regrowing it is beneficial to the environment. It can also be shipped completely flat to our fillers which is insanely efficient.”

Gott’s clever approach to creative work and overall humility, leave us awe inspired and motivate us to continue reimagining how we interact with the world we live in.