4PM on Thursday, September 28th

“I haven’t slept since Tuesday night.”

32 hours earlier

8AM on Wednesday, September 27th

“There are a lot of mechanical components I included for this commission that require a good amount of engineering assistance. I stayed up until 2AM testing different transformers and receivers for the electrical configuration but I wanted an electrician’s approval so I ran to the LED store as soon as they opened.”

12PM on Wednesday, September 27th

Painting, Laser Cutting, Photography, Printing, Framing , Electrical… to name a few.

“After I sorted the electrical components and everything was operating as planned (12 hours later), I had the piece framed and added the finishing touches.”

“In the end, I make these crazy pieces… but things move so quickly, I don’t really get a lot of time to stop and appreciate the finished piece before it’s out the door.”

12AM on Thursday, September 28th

“No matter what I’m doing or working on, I always find time to hit the streets. Street art keeps me grounded to Lefty Out There and it’s the complete opposite of my daily studio sessions.”

“If I’m feeling something personal and want people to know, I’ll write it out in the moment wherever I sense the inspiration.”

“There’s no pressure, I’m not required to create anything specific. I whip through the motions. Everything’s drippy and I love how messy and raw the work looks.”

Lefty is constantly juggling multiple projects at a time so he’s built his own team to maintain the utmost quality of anything and everything he produces.

“What keeps me going? A mixture of fear and not knowing any better.”

“I’m never satisfied with the amount of work I have. I always want more projects, but that can only be neutralized with more help.”

Lefty is most inspired by Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, and Tom Sachs—artists who’ve established their own production studios.

“My art is about making something beautiful, trying to achieve the highest form of what I see. Super clean, no mistakes and everything’s perfect.”

“Although I’m a part of every process, my main concern is making the highest quality product possible and the only way to do that is to have a whole production team.”

“If I don’t physically perform every step, the quality of the work is not affected. I think it makes it better.”

“When there are more people involved you get everyone’s lifestyles, personalities and thought processes woven into the mix. Ultimately, this makes for a better product because it has a higher level of thoughtful complexity.”

Lefty will always stay Out There.

“From day one, I’ve always been serious. The work ethic has stayed the same, but now decisions are made faster with added pressure to perform. I always want to do something bigger and better.”

“There’s not much to life aside from making stuff.
And that’s what I do.”