Rise & Shine, Jourdon!!

Here to kick off the Annex Zine vol. 2 interview.

What’s your “Monday Mantra?”

Tell us what’s on your “to-do” list this week.

My Monday Mantra?

With my wife and I’s first son, Vann, Monday Mantras lately have typically consisted of getting up around 7:30-8:00AM, make a bottle, feed little dude, walk the dog. Once Vann is all good, I start my work week with a walk to get some coffee going over emails and deadlines. Working my schedule between my full time gig at Solemn Oath Brewery, balance some freelance scheduling and making sure it works with my part time teaching gig at Gallery 37 downtown.

My To Do List:

1. Finish a product concept by Friday for a new beer can that will be sold through major grocery stores.

2. Finalize an illustrated event poster for Milwaukee.

3. Take down and install at “Kiser Strikes Asteroid Gallery” for a Vannin themed art show Chantal and I did called “Ass, Gas or Grass”

4. Finalize a tee shirt design for a Devil Wears Prada.

And… 5. Plan a general curriculum for Thursday evening… for an illustration and design program I teach with Gallery 37. An after school program for CPS students.

So. Many. Things!

First and foremost, congratulations on the family! How do you balance work life with family life?

Hahaha for real

And thanks, it’s been a trip for sure. So much love.

As for balance, it’s tough for sure…

I feel like I work best under tight deadlines. You don’t have a lot of time to dwell, or over concept. You just produce. It’s not to say sometimes I look back and think I could have done this or that, but I find myself doing that with everything anyway.

As frowned upon as waiting until the last minute is, I can definitely relate to that last minute “rush” just before completing a project.

BUT—back to business

s/o to the CPS Design Program you run! We do a lot of work with Wells High School and their art department. Community is something Annex strongly values.

To dive into the most interesting project you mentioned earlier—

Tell us everything we need to know about “peach emoji, air poof emoji or sprout emoji”

My wife @chantallerthanyou and I own a ’78 Chevy.

Having this van has introduced me to a whole sub culture of folks who have wild vans… and with it came some interesting projects.

Like the ASS, GAS or GRASS art show. A group show with conceptual art based on the whole vannin sub culture.

#vannin — love it

Did the #vannin lifestyle play a role in the decision of your son’s name, perchance?

A combination of things…

I met my wife while she was working on the Vannin Documentary.

She was basically gifted the van we have from our good friend, Frank, aka Big Black.

And… it is her father’s middle name.

So it just kept coming back up in conversations, and we decided, so be it. Vann Lind Gullett.

It was meant to be.

Does the inspiration behind your work often stem from experiences you’ve had or occurrences that happen around you?

Yea, I would say so.

Basically whatever sub culture I find myself mixed up in. I have been fortunate enough to have my illustrations tossed in too.

In the art world, it’s easy for an artist to imitate something they’ve seen in passing and call it their own BUT everything you create channels your own unique voice, no matter the motivation.

It’s interesting, you spend so much time so close to the work it is hard to see how your work is perceived. I am glad there are folks out there, like you guys at Annex, that are willing to support people like myself.

You can always sense a “Jourdon” vibe through your work—a true testament to the passion for your craft!

[ You obviously follow the 24/7 lifestyle and mentality as you juggle work, family & everything else in between…

What does #NEVERSLEEPS mean to you?

#NEVERSLEEPS to me? It’s like, by any means necessary.