Annex, Threadless, and Hope for the Day hosted the 6th annual spring pop-up art raffle supporting suicide prevention and mental health education projects. This year, we raised over $5,326 in support of HFTD’s mission to bring awareness to mental health.

This year’s lineup featured work from:

• Hebru Brantley
• Loish
• Marlowe Dobb
• Brian Ewing
• Lefty Out There
• Jason Peterson
• Conrad Javier
• Fernando Chamarelli
• Stinkfish
• Brainkiller
• Lisa Gray
• Chuck Anderson
• Rob Shields
• Junkyard
• Elloo Elloo
• Joe Renda Jr
• Blake Jones
• Michael C. Place
• Debbie Millman
• Mike McQuade
• James Goggin

and more!

Sounds supplied by Chanté and Just One